Hi, I'm Ingrid and I’m always up for new adventures!

If I would skate roller derby I would be like Babe Ruthless.
Well, truth is that my derby name is Maverick Mar.
I surf waves, ride longboards and think that breakfast is the best meal of the day.
And the great white shark is very fascinating.

- UI/UX Designer at Smart Refill, 2017-
- Digital Graphic Designer at Gertrud & Söner, 2015-2016
- Motion Creative, Hyper Island, 2014-2015
- Assistant to photographer Matilda Lindeblad, 2013- 2014
- Photographer for Advertising and Magazines, Fotoskolan Gamleby, 2012-2014
- Photography, Gotlands Folkhögskola, 2011-2012